Champagne Magnum Opus by Richard Juhlin

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Richard Juhlin, the world s foremost champagne expert, takes readers on a journey through the history of the beverage, the leading winemakers of Champagne, and the art of tasting. Superbly photographed by Pal Allan, this book depicts breathtaking landscapes in Champagne, historic photographs from the most prestigious and long-standing caveau, as well as other images capturing the champagne lifestyle. Ten exclusive recipes by distinguished Swedish chef Tommy Myllymaki that are perfect for pairing with a glass of champagne are included in this unique publication. The volume includes important champagne statistics, telephone numbers and addresses of thousands of champagne producers, and a glossary. It also includes detailed descriptions and score ratings of 13,900 champagnes assessed to date by the author. In his tenth publication, Juhlin summarizes, for the first time, everything he has learned about champagne in a beautifully packaged hardcover with an elegant gold slipcase. This is the ultimate book about champagne, for generations to come. It is an indispensable buying and tasting tool and an entertaining account of the history of champagne: such depth of insight from a single source has never before been available.
Binding: Hardback

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