Anna's Kokeshi Dolls : A Children's Story Told in English and Japanese (With Free Audio Recording) by Tracy Gallup

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One kokeshi, two kokeshi, three kokeshi, four.... Anna is a Japanese-American girl whose grandparents live in Japan. They have been sending her adorable Kokeshi dolls made of painted wood each year for her birthday since she was very small. The dolls, like people, are all different-- and beautiful!In this charming children's book by award-winning author Tracy Gallup, we watch Anna grow up as her Kokeshi collection grows bigger, and we see how these dolls bring Anna and her grandparents closer together as the years pass. Part counting book, part visual narrative, this beautifully-illustrated bilingual picture book shows how simple objects can serve as a bridge between people and cultures on opposite sides of the globe. It also introduces these beautiful dolls and the ways in which they are formed and painted. The story is in Japanese and English, with a free audio recording available online. A note at the end gently explains the history of Kokeshi dolls and why they are made the way they are.
Binding: Hardback

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