Fringe of the Fringe : Queering Punk Media History by Jack Halberstam

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Since its beginnings in the nineteen-seventies, the medium of video has been closely linked to the subcultural and countercultural movements of its time, both in art and in everyday culture in Germany. Art and music videos in particular demonstrate great subversive potential: artists and musicians oppose traditional values, transgress and repeatedly explore social norms and gender stereotypes. In this volume, queer academic as well as artistic research approaches and archival practices are reviewed in the context of a history of punk and its offshoots. Among our many contributors are Tiffany Florvil (University of New Mexico), Marina Grzinic (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), Jack Halberstam (Columbia University in the City of New York), Angela McRobbie (University of London), Peter Rehberg (Schwules Museum Berlin), and artist Wolfgang Muller.
Binding: Paperback / softback

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