Rainbow A Visual Biography by Jerry Bloom

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From 1975, through the eighties, re-activated in the nineties and a slight return in 2016-18, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow took its fans on numerous journeys from the grandiose beginnings with Ronnie James Dio to the chart busting times with Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner. And again in the nineties with Doogie White as lead vocalist, and finally stepping out for the last time in the twenty-first century for a handful of shows allowing a new generation of fans to have the opportunity of hearing Rainbow live on stage. In this hefty tome Jerry Bloom charts Rainbow's full career with great detail and information, along with a huge raft of superb imagery that covers the entire career. Aside from band photos, the visual element is enhanced with rare memorabilia and artifacts.
Binding: Hardback

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