Where's My Chick? by McLelland, Kate

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Where is Chick hiding? Follow the footprints to find her!Curious little hands will love meeting a host of touchy-feely animals as they find out just WHERE the fluffy chick is hiding. With bright, appealing illustrations and a surprise flap ending, this series is perfect to share with young children. Where's My Chick? is part of a seek-and-find board book series for toddlers aged 1-3. With an exciting range of characters to explore, these touch-and-feel books will entertain little ones, time and time again. Complete the set and collect them all!Also available in the series: Where's My Turtle?, Where's My Dinosaur?, Where's My Fairy?, Where's My Llama?, Where's My Peacock?, Where's My Puppy?, Where's My Unicorn?, Where's My Santa?
Binding: Board book

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