The Victims' Revolution : The Rise of Identity Studies and the Birth of the Woke Ideology by Douglas Murray

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An expose of the identity-group madness that transformed American campuses-and is now turning the Western world upside down. Gender ideology. The "anti-racism" craze. The #MeToo movement. Sanctuary cities. These are among the building blocks of our new "woke" world, which, during the last few years, seemed to explode out of nowhere. But it didn't emerge from nowhere. It originated on the campuses of some of our most respected colleges and universities. Over the past several decades, more and more faculty members at those institutions have exchanged humanism for radicalism. Rejecting the search for truth, they've become purveyors of ideology. They're no longer teachers, but propagandists; once devoted to the spread of knowledge, they now focus on power dynamics, seeing oppression everywhere and viewing everyone around them through the lens of group identity. Among the most egregious consequences of this intellectual transformation has been the increasing prominence and power of disciplines called "identity studies"-among them Women's Studies, Black Studies, Queer Studies, and even more recently, Fat Studies and Whiteness Studies. In The Victims' Revolution, Bruce Bawer gives us the first true history of this phenomenon. He takes us on a tour of the campuses, classrooms, and conferences where we see and hear professors proudly pushing these new orthodoxies. On every page, we can observe the origins of the virus that, in the past decade, has escaped from the ivory tower and infected the whole Western world.
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